About Us

May 25 2010

Recently spun out of Clarke Broadcasting Corporation, myLocal.net is a start-up company formed to help broadcasters and other media companies build local community web portals to deepen engagement with their audience, increase their audience size and generate revenues and profits from the Internet.

Clarke Broadcasting has owned and operated radio stations since 1956 and currently owns a cluster of 3 stations in Sonora, CA, a town of 4500 people in the Central Sierra Nevada.  In 2000, Clarke purchased the leading ISP in Sonora, Mother Lode Internet.  In 2001, Clarke rolled out myMotherLode.com, a first of its kind, community web portal.  Originally designed to compete with the local daily newspaper, myMotherLode.com grew into a local gateway comprised of a myriad of other Internet content and services.  The ISP’s positioning statement was “Bringing You the World”; however, myMotherLode.com focused on all things Mother Lode.

Over the years myMotherLode.com has grown in to the most popular news and information source in California’s Gold Country.  It is a multi-platform entity which delivers content to its audience over the web, via email, social networks, and mobile services.  It currently receives over 500,000 visits from 100,000+ unique visitors every month, who generate 2,500,000 page views per month.  More importantly, myMotherLode.com has been profitable as a stand-alone media outlet for several years.

As a result of this success, and based on the lessons we have learned over the past 9 years, myLocal.net was formed to build community web portals for other broadcasters and media companies who wish to extend their reach and create enormous emotional affinity with their audience by providing them the information and experience they really want, the way they want it.  Our goal is to help our affiliates build a profitable, integrated, interactive business.

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