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May 25 2010

myLocal.net Helps You Build A Powerful, Profitable, Integrated Interactive Business.

Today’s savvy media consumers expect more from local broadcasters than ever before.  They expect local content on-demand, and across multiple platforms and devices including web, email, social media, and mobile devices.  More and more media is being consumed on the Internet and it is imperative that broadcasters succeed in this new world… because that’s where your audience is going.

myLocal.net helps broadcasters and media companies connect with their audiences by building and operating local community web portals on the Internet.  These community portals allow broadcaster to become the center of digital life in a community by providing access to a myriad of information and web services that their audiences access every day.  They allow broadcasters to extend their reach, grow their audience, and deepen their relationship with that audience by providing a host of advertising and sponsorship solutions while growing their digital revenues and profits.

Have a True Branded Web Portal Which Your Audience Will Call Home.

One of the problems with basic radio station websites is that they generate very little traffic.  Community portals generate massive traffic and loyalty from an increasingly fickle population and can become the starting point on the web for a broadcaster’s audience.  Local news and information are the primary drivers of traffic, but weather, sports, financial content, national, international, and entertainment news keep the audience interacting with the site and your brand.  Integrated search services, multi-media, polls, user comment and share features, as well as marketplace services keep audiences coming back for more.  myLocal.net will also show you how to drive traffic to your site by leveraging the media assets you already have.

Now you can knock on every door

This traffic and specialized structure of the community portal provides exciting advertising opportunities for businesses in your market and allows broadcasters to grow their universe of potential advertisers exponentially by offering turn-key services like classified ads, yellow pages and coupons.  These opportunities allow broadcasters to generate significant over-the-transum revenues from their digital businesses.   The local community web portal is designed so you can offer free services all the way up to big dollar, multi-platform sponsorships.  myLocal.net will also help you develop a sustainable financial model focused on long term revenues and profit generation.

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Lower Your Risk

myLocal.net will operate the community portal to help you reduce the risk associated with hiring and training new staff and building a large technology infrastructure.  Besides building a state of the art, local community web portal for each of its Affiliates, myLocal.net will provide a professional web content management system (WCMS) for publishing, numerous revenue generating applications and services, ad serving systems, back office services, Search Engine Optimization, and training systems that will allow affiliates to focus on their core competencies – creating great local content and efficiently selling local advertising solutions.  Our professional staff will even help you start off right with an in market sales blitz.

Furthermore, as part of the myLocal.net network, Affiliates will be able to participate in higher paying ad opportunities that arise from the massive loyal and targeted traffic generated by the network of local community web portals.


myLocal.net is  committed to helping you build an integrated interactive business, not just dumping a template on your site and "wishing you luck."  We will share the risks of building that business with you.  If you don’t make money, we don’t make money.

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